Sunday, April 30, 2006

Congrats to my Ralphie!

Hey Ya'll!!!

Congrats are indeed due to my dear friend Ralph Pagano and his lovely lady Buffy. Ralph was on Iron Chef America tonight and he did a fantastic job!

He chose to go up against Bobby Flay and they were equally matched. And although Ralph didn't win, I know he won some new fans with his easy charm and focused intensity.

This picture was taken last year in the Hamptons, when I visited him and Buffy and spent some much needed time getting sloshed with all of the amazing people of the Hamptons! And being there with my Wendy from Hell's Kitchen made that trip one to remember.

I love ya'll and please catch the reruns of the Iron Chef America with Ralphie!

ps...Hey Wendy, remember all of that great food we ate in China town.....send me some of those amazing pork buns!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dewberry encounters Leslie Jordan

Hey Ya'll

I went to the delicious one "man" show Like a Dog on Linoleum starring Leslie Jordan. I'm sure you all remember Leslie from Sordid Lives, who on earth will ever forget Brother Boy!

The show was a rip roaring, side splitting, helluva good time. Leslie lays his life on the line for everyone to see and feel. He has learned to use his comedy to strike at the heart of everyone within spitting distance. His stories are always zany and humorous yet they always have a point that more than just a quick laugh.

His show was about tolerance but not the way you might think. He isn't pushing for us to all accept and love each other, or should I say that its understood that it is expected. He is trying to teach us all to be more tolerant of ourselves and learn to accept the inevitable lapse in judgment. Who among us has never stumbled and had no one but ourselves to blame.

If you have a chance to see the show....please, please go and experience it for yourself. You have nothing but a good time to look forward too....

I love ya'll and I am counting the days to Nashville!!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

yum yum

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Handy works with a melon

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My sweet helpers....thanks for the thyme!

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Puttin em all to sleep

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Drinks all around....and avoid the relatives

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My new friends from Wisconsin and beyond

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Champagne and Friends

Hey Ya'll!! Last Thursday I had my first cooking demo for Cooks Warehouse in Decatur. We had a blast and I made lots of new friends, including two lovely folks from Wisconsin. We had a great menu and I think that everyone learned alot. I made Flying golden raisin and cranberry scones and they were the hit of the night. Scones are one of those things we are all hesitant to make...but after the demo, I know a few people went home and made the best scone ever. If ya'll want the recipes we did that night, just shoot me an email to and I will be happy to email them to you. We also did a pineapple and coconut creme mimosa, drunken melon balls and a zucchini, scallion and feta frittata and I would love to share these with all of you.

The pictures will be posted this week, so you can all see what happens when a Dewberry and lots of champagne collide in a well appointed kitchen!

Love to all and I am still counting down the days to Nashville!!