Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dewberry attempts to Adult Swim

Hi Ya'll!!! Shame on me for leaving my blog so quiet for such a long time. It seems that everything happens all at once or not at all. First of all, I have some really exciting news. I was given the opportunity to try out for a voice part for a pilot being worked on for Cartoon Networks ADULT SWIM. If you have never heard of Adult Swim, then you should tune into it and see what my excitement is all about. The shows on AS are cutting edge, witty, biting and always funny. So, lets hope it works out. I'll keep ya'll posted!! My next bit of news is for everyone here in or around Atlanta. I will be giving cooking demonstrations for Cooks Warehouse on April 13th and May 25th. I hope to see lots of people there and to have a great time. To register for a demo, just to to and click onto the classes section of the website. Finally, I have recently been working with my good friend Tara, trying to come up with a great idea for a cooking show. We are in talks with a director who is ready to put our idea on film and take it to Food Network and other cable networks. This may be just what I have been waiting for. And, if that's not enough, I heard from a friend the other day that Hell's Kitchen Season 2 has wrapped shooting! So soon you will get to see Gordon back in action. That's about as much as I can cram into one posting, although I want to remind everyone to get their tickets early for the Reality TV Convention in June.

Love always


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I have to tell you...When you live south of Atlanta and have to go to north Atlanta to have lunch, it better be worth it. This week I went to Marietta to have lunch at the Three Bears Cafe, which is owned my friend and ex boss Anthony, and it was more than worth the drive past the Big Chicken.

To start with, the square in Marietta is an adorable little shopping area, full of restaurants and ice cream shops. I think that you could spend a fascinating afternoon just walking around staring at the people and getting an ice cream with each pass of the shops. But step inside the Three Bears Cafe and you will want more than ice cream.

Ann Myers and I had a great time at the cafe. We got there just after the lunch rush and got a great table near the door, so that I can see everyone passing by. The decor is nice and you feel right at home as soon as you arrive. And the most important part, it was all as clean as a whistle.

We decided to share the fried green tomatoes with fresh corn salsa and feta cheese as the appetizer, but could not decide on entrees that we wanted to share. So, Ann had the 3b Quesadilla and I had the bison burger with baked sweet potato fries. The food came out hot and exactly as it was ordered.

So, the tomatoes from Chef Tiffany Moon were pan seared, not deep fried. They were also perfect, enough said. The bison was delicious and cooked well done, which made me very happy. To the rest of the world that likes meat with at least four of the five senses still intact, I'm sorry that I love well done meat but that's just how it is.....and Ann loved her quesadilla made with chicken and fresh corn.

The food and service are great and I am in love with the cafe. I can't wait to go back and try the cold soba noodle salad, I hear its great. I was also allowed to tour the kitchen and the back part of the restaurant that used to be an old theater. In fact, the stage and screen are still intact and we did a little mini rendition of "Annie" while no one was around. They are working on expanding the restaurant, but I'm going to make you wait and see it for yourself. It's going to be great.

So ya'll, stop by the Three Bears Cafe and tell um Dewberry sent ya!!

Love always