Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dewberry Learns about the Vagina's

Wait! Before you get up to leave, let me explain. What I did was go and see the Vagina Monologues.....but I couldn't resist jerking your chain just a little.

The Vagina Monolugues, for those of you who have never see it, is a kind of play that discusses the female sex organ. It was written by Eve Ensler, who interviewed many women and turned their stories into what is now the Monologues. They are striking in their horror, filled with humor and freightening in their honesty. I think that it is impossible for anyone to leave the show without a great sense of change, of enlightenment.

I was lucky enough to know the producer of this years show and one of the performers. Leah Smith and Carrie Vogler were both co-workers of mine from the Flying Biscuit in Atlanta. Leah, produced and Carrie was the "Reclaining Cunt" that made everyone in the audience roar with laughter. Carrie was a vision with a pink and blond mohawk and a pair of pink boots that made my heart flutter. But all of the ladies in the show were great and the evening was memorable.

My date for the evening was Ann Myers, the girl with me in the pic. We met at her house before hand and I personally love her dog Pierre. I think that we both felt the same way about the Monologues. They were funny, smart, shocking, and brilliantly played. And while it is true that parts of it were over done and the acoustics at the Rialto could have been better, I don't know when I have seen anything on stage that was as powerful as the Vagina Monologues.

On a side note, I happened to run into my old boss, Anothny Corvelli, from the Flying Biscuit. He has recently opened a restaurant in the Marietta Square called The Three Bears Cafe. His Chef is none other than Tiffany Moon, who I think is one of the most adorable chefs I have ever met. I'm going there next week for lunch, with Ann in tow and will give ya'll a review soon after.

Love always and peace to all Vagina's


ps..Carrie, where did you get those boots.?..


At 10:35 PM, Blogger crafty pirates said...

Hi Jeffery. You are such a great guy and I wish you so much success. ann


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